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Vacature(s) bij Dawsonrentals

Dawsonrentals (Nederland) B.V. heeft momenteel de volgende vacature(s) openstaan:



To identify and secure contract hire and long term rental of the companies units, other products and services within the designated region.

Achieving or exceeding targeted levels of the companies units and other products, revenue and profit growth via management of the direct Sales and Marketing resources

Promotion of the companies units, other products and services in such a way as to ensure long term growth and stability of both revenues and profit.

Co-operate with the Accounting and Operations departments to ensure that we supply our clients with the promised standard of the companies units, other products and service.


2.1       To raise market awareness of the companies units, other products and services in the market areas.

2.3       To increase sales and fleet size to target levels and above.

2.4       To develop new market opportunities.

2.5       To keep all information current and relevant.

2.6       To research and identify new potential industries and prospects.

2.7       To build up and work from a quality database:

             -           Obtain corporate structures/family trees

             -           Establish contact names and responsibilities

             -           Establish needs


3.1       Reports directly to the Sales & Marketing Manager and provide a weekly report for management outlining overall performance, activities and research undertaken per industry and provide an outlook of activities planned for subsequent week and type(s) of industry(ies) intended to target.

3.2       Contact new prospects, existing and ex-customers in order to arrange appointments, keep accurate sales records, and follow up visits and current business situations.

3.3       Maintain awareness of trade and field situations and ensure appropriate action taken. This is achieved through sightings, trade publications, historical data, industry knowledge, internet, business/ telephone directories and own contacts.

3.4       Constantly be aware of opportunities to sell second hand units and other products.

3.5       Maximise the greatest possible return to the company by selling the companies units, other products and service to credit rated customers.

3.6       Working from existing database, develop sales contacts with prospect, move sales process forward working closely with the Sales & Marketing Manager.

3.7       Increase the size of the database by investigating, qualifying and quantifying new market opportunities. Develop the sales process with these new companies.

3.8       React quickly and efficiently to incoming leads, add these to database and move forward the sales process.

3.9       Provide assistance where necessary with regard to customer complaints.

3.10     It is anticipated that at least 80% of the job holders’ time will be spent on direct selling activities;

 -       Face to face contact with potential customers to introduce the service of Dawsonrentals

 -       Analysis of customer circumstances and requirements to determine opportunities to do business

 -       Preparation and presentation of sales quotations/ proposals

 -       Obtain signed rental agreements or sale contracts which meet the companies Terms & Conditions

3.11     Assist as and when required with the operational aspects of the business e.g. arranging servicing, delivery and collection, repair and check in/ out of the companies units or other products as required.

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